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"Harry (19 year -old with ASD) has responded so positively to his weekly yoga practice with Serrina.  She has thoughtfully designed a series of poses, breath techniques and relaxation strategies that Harry has embraced so fully that he used these tools during a power outage to help himself calm down.  I could not be happier with Damara Yoga and Serrina's ability to reach with love to my son Harry."
- Mother of Harry


"I started working with Serrina in Carroll County Public Schools in 2018 when I worked  as the BCBA for the Autism Program and she was an Instructional Assistant.  The one thing that always struck me about Serrina was her calm, collected nature and her want to do her absolute best for her students.  It was always an absolute pleasure working and collaborating with Serrina.  While in Carroll County, Serrina did some after - school yoga classes for the teachers and staff.  What a wonderful experience!  I was just the calming activity everyone needed at the end of a school day and Serrina's presence was integral to that calm.

Since then, I've been involved with a parent support group through Baltimore County Public Schools.  Serrina has done multiple yoga sessions (virtually) for our students and parents.  Each time she grows and develops as an instructor.  She understands complex communication needs and beautifully incorporates concreate language and visuals to enhance understanding.  She also naturally uses her own mistakes as a wonderful learning opportunity for our students about how to handle these situations.

It has been an absolute honor working with Serrina in multiple capacities."
- Hilary, M.S., BCBA, LBA

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"Serrina's tailored yoga practices have greatly enhanced my well - being over the past year.  The mind/body/spirit connection she incorporates into her lessons resonates so much with me.  The meticulously designed classes teach me about my body, methods to combat stress and anxiety, strengthen my core and increase stability, and also provides me an amazing respite from the day to day machinations of life.

My aha moment was suddenly having this thought 'I feel good in my body!  I feel strong, I feel capable and I feel ready to face whatever comes next'."
- Kathryn (mom of child with autism)


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